Rose Holm A/S was founded by Erik Rose Holm in 1953.

Back then, the company produced fittings for construction and was located on Gl. Køge Landevej in Copenhagen.

At the beginning of the 1970s, the first generational change was carried out. Brothers Kurt and Torben Rose Holm, Erik's two sons, took over the company and moved it to Birkerød north of Copenhagen. Part of this move was also about focusing more on production. The production of threads became a principal element in the company.

In the period from the middle of 1990 to around 2000, Torben Rose Holm took over the company and became the sole owner. This change in ownership also led to a relocation and the company was moved to Lynge where it still is today. The relocation was necessary given that the core business had grown and there was a need for more square metres.

In 2010, the second generational change occurred and the third generation took over the company. Ann Rose Bokkenheuser, Torben's youngest daughter owns Rose Holm A/S today.

This generational change entailed further focusing on the company's activities. An independent board was appointed which would ensure this strategic focus.

Currently, Rose Holm A/S is a Danish production company that is built on effective management and highly automated production processes. This is necessary in order to maintain a competitive package for our core customers.

We will continue with this clear goal and improve and develop Rose Holm A/S further in the coming years!

Erik Rose Holm

Torben Rose Holm


Ann Rose Bokkenheuser