We only operate with one target – your specifications. Whether it is the case of threaded bars in standard or fixed dimensions we are always geared to rise to the challenges you give us – flexibility is our most substantial resource.

As Scandinavia’s leading producer of winded thread with a large and variable raw material storage room – with a capacity of up to M120 – we can deliver your orders in 5-10 working days – and when it is really urgent within hours. Our manufacturing flexibility and our central location in Scandinavia provides us with a short response time which creates a perfect basis for helping our customers – even in emergency situations.

The quality of our products (and our work) is essential for your satisfaction. That is why we do the best we can in order to live up to your expectations. In order to ensure the quality of our work, we are ISO 9001 certified. Since we are also authorized to issue 3.1 (former 3.1.B) certificates in accordance with PED 97/23/EC, AD 2000 and the German Ü marking, you will always have the optimum guarantee for the quality and strength of your products.

When it comes to working on your solution, our focus will always be on your needs. Only in these circumstances we can provide you with the best possible solution instead of just a product that fits.